Grower Information

Relevant transparency
to maximize
seamless transactions


Agricultural Commodities Bourse, Inc uses a rigorous underwriting process to approve the vendors qualified to be on our platform.  As part of this process, we collect an extensive amount of information from these vendors.  With this information, we strive to provide as much relevant transparency as possible to effect seamless transactions between buyers and sellers.


Some examples of information we provide from our sellers are PACA License, Food Safety Certificate(s), Organic Certificate(s), Articles of Incorporation and considerable amount of product related attributes, such as package type (e.g. box, carton, bag, etc), package weight, size or count per package, packages per pallet, FOB location(s), inventory, etc.


In addition, we provide pictures and/or video of our sellers’ farm fields, packing houses, etc. so that our buyers are able to get an as realistic as possible of a feel for the sellers on our platform, short of an actual visit.  Some examples of pictures and videos are provided below: