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Supply Chain Financing 

Agricultural Commodities Bourse, Inc. (ACB) is offering reliable Supply Chain Financing to pay participating vendors as quickly as possible. We know that grower costs like harvest labor, packing, and transportation are generally due immediately. Most growers, including US growers, do not have large amounts of excess cash to fund working capital needs at the time of harvest. In addition, most local banks do not provide working capital finance to small companies. ACB will help you provide your vendors with fast, flexible payment solutions to help them pay these costs immediately. These funds are necessary for growers to pay their employees, get their product to market, and get back to business without growing debt. 

Our Supply Chain Financing allows buyers to pay their vendors early and creates an efficient and effective way to generate the liquidity they need to grow their business and generate a sustainable and durable supply chain in which everyone’s business needs are being met. This service is important to growers and to the supply chain as a whole.

Grow your business, strengthen your working relationships, and bring in capital to meet seasonal demand with ACB’s Supply Chain Finance. 

How does Supply Chain Financing work?  

ACB holds a master loan agreement with the buyer and a sub agreement for each of their supplier / vendor entities that they want participating in the program.

1. Buyer purchases goods from the supplier 

2. Supplier sends invoice to the buyer 

3. Buyer approves received invoice and goods and ACB prepares the agreement for buyer to sign

4. Once ACB receives the signed agreement, ACB processes the request and advances the money to the buyer, which is used to pay directly to the supplier 

5. Once the invoice has matured, buyer pays ACB on agreed terms

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